Norm Stone
guitar & vocals

Dallas native Norm Stone began his musical studies with violin lessons at school. However, around the same time he was also stimulated by British rock, and since there was always a guitar around the house, he soon began learning guitar on his own. After having a gigging band in high school, Norm decided to concentrate on the violin in college.

Upon graduating from SMU he began freelancing, teaching, and performing as a violinist with the Dallas Opera Orchestra. For many years, the guitar remained a casual pastime, but after meeting like-minded musicians such as Eric and Drew, Norm decided in 2006 to form a new band, and the rest is history.

When it comes to technology, Norm tends to favor the classics. That is, he has no cable TV or iPhone. On the other hand, he proudly enjoys his Gibson SG, Les Paul, and Fender Strat as well as his 1973 Marshall amp.