Amelia Victoria
lead vocals

Amelia Victoria is now the second lead singer for Scarlet Vermillion to have been recruited from the Dallas yoga-vine. We sense a pattern here.

Amelia is a native Texan from a large family who grew up with home-schooling. Although her first public performance as a singer occurred around age 12, her main artistic focus in adolescence was ballet. Throughout her teens, Amelia danced professionally with Fort Worth-Dallas Ballet and later Texas Ballet Theater, and has thus appeared in more Nutcracker performances than any one person probably should.

Upon ending her dancing career, Amelia discovered a love for yoga as well as an aptitude for teaching it, and has since earned a reputation as a sought-after instructor. However, this has not hindered her from seeking new opportunities as a musical performer, and Scarlet Vermillion seems perfectly suited for her.

Amelia is looking forward to crushing it on stage with her new band, but her main non-professional goal is to be the best Mom possible for her daughter Grace.

Also, she has a somewhat irrational crush on movie character Ron Burgundy. Not that there's anything wrong with that...